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ABC Day Nursery Activities for the Easter Holidays

Thinking for things to do at home during the Easter holidays?  Look no further!  Here are a few suggestions of activities your children could enjoy while the family is at home.

  1. Let’s get those hearts pumping this morning with some animal yoga movements.

2. Don’t forget to keep those funky fingers moving!

Place a cupcake baking tin upside down and stretch some rubber bands (or hair bobbles) over the tin to keep those fingers busy and strong.

3. If you have some outside space, why not set up a baby wash and care activity? For this you would need a tray, a doll, some soap, a flannel, a cup/jug, a tooth brush and a towel, to wash and dry the baby and brush its teeth.

The learning intent of this activity is to promote the children’s health and self-care and for them to start joining in with hygiene routines.

Baby Wash

4. Painting under cling film is also a good activity to try, especially if you want to keep it mess free. Simply place a piece of paper down, either onto the floor or onto a table, then squirt some paint onto the paper, covering the paper in clingfilm.  The activity is then ready for your child to explore.

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Shadow Drawing Activities at Home

Why not make the most of the spring sunshine and try some shadow drawing?  There are many different objects to see what shapes they create and look at their similarities and differences.  You can use the shadows cast by the sun through a window for drawing inside.

We know that many of our parents will be looking for activities to do at home.   There is plenty to do indoors and out!  The Devon artist Becky Bettesworth is currently offering a free creative project download pack from her website.  We think our children will love this!

ABC Day Nursery is still open for the children of key workers, during the coronavirus crisis.  Please contact us to enquire about a space:


Making Models at Home

Stuck for ideas while your little ones are at home?  Why not get the making models?!

We think it’s really important for our children to be creative and it’s easy to do at home, too. Clear out the cupboards and set out some unwanted boxes, containers and bottles of all different sizes.  These could be toilet rolls, cereal boxes or empty laundry detergent boxes.  From rockets and trains, to telescopes and binoculars…the possibilities are endless!  

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Sensory Activities to do at Home

We are sharing ideas for sensory activities to do at home, during the current health crisis.

You can create sensory bottles using resources from around the house.  Rice, pasta, beads, metal items and sand can be used to fill bottles, creating sounds when the bottle is shaken.

Why not use glitter, food colouring in oil or water, pom poms, sequins and cereal to encourage your child to talk about different textures, sizes and shapes?

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Craft Activities to Enjoy at Home

We’ve come up with lots of ideas for home-based craft activities to keep your little ones occupied, while families are based at home.

Our ABC Day Nursery children love mark making activities.  Your child can create your own mark making stencils out of cardboard, such as cereal boxes. These stencils could be used with pens and pencils or paint for more of a messy activity. We’d love to see some pictures of stencils you create at home!

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‘The Tiger who Came to Tea’ Creative Learning

Creative learning is key at ABC Day Nursery.  We absolutely love ‘The Tiger who Came to Tea’ story!  Our Adventurers have been finishing off creating their tiger-themed masks.  The children enjoyed using the glue to stick down the tigers eyes, nose and stripes. They chose where to place the different parts of the tiger’s face, picking up each item and sticking them down.  There were some lovely creations and everyone was very proud of their work!

Our children love learning through stories and being creative.  Find out what a day in the life of an ABC Day Nursery child is like here:

Budding Engineers at ABC Day Nursery

Our Inventors have been continuing with our learning theme: construction. They have been using shaving foam and the building blocks to make their own towers and models. The children used the shaving foam to help the building blocks to stick together. One child said that they had made “a really big tower”, whilst another child built “a rocket to go into space”.  We definitely have some budding engineers and builders in our midst!

We strive to ensure that our children leave our nursery with confidence and well quipped for life at ‘big school’.  If you’re thinking about childcare for your little one, click here to find out why you should choose us.

Painting in Colours for Holi at ABC Day Nursery

ABC Day Nursery children enjoyed painting in colours while learning about the Hindu festival of ‘Holi’, known as ‘the festival of colours’.  Holi signifies the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  We think we can all agree that spring might have finally arrived this week, after such a wet winter!

We used bottles to squirt paint onto a canvas and sponges to dip in paint and throw onto the canvas in order to create a masterpiece.   The children absolutely loved using all the different, brightly coloured paints, naming them and telling us which was their favourite.  It is important for our children to experience other cultures, as they grow in their understanding of the world.  Our garden was the perfect place for them to get a little messy and embrace the activity.  

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Learning in Colour and Patterns

We have been busy building patterns, continuing our children’s learning around the word ‘construction’. The children used cards on the table to copy the pattern with connect cubes.  This helps develop their fine motor skills, as well as their knowledge on things relating to construction. We asked the children which colours they needed for each pattern and in what order they should go.  They did so well at identifying the correct colours and connecting the correct coloured cubes together.  Look at the intense concentration on their faces!

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ABC Building Blocks for Success

This week, the Inventors are learning about the word ‘construct’. Their Funky Finger Challenge is to build something using the construction pieces.  We’ve loved seeing what their imaginations have inspired so far, as the children took inspiration from the world around them.  There were some very ‘alternative’ designs, too!

Our themed tuff tray has allowed the children to use new vocabulary from the world of construction, including the names of vehicles such as digger, cement mixer and crane.  They are looking forward to showing off their new knowledge to their Mums and Dads, when they next see some construction sites when out and about.

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