Christmas Craft Activities

We love a bit of Christmas craft activties at ABC Day Nursery! As we enter December, preparations for Christmas are now well underway.  Many families will be on the hunt for gifts, prepared to host various family members and attend local Christmas-themed events.  They will also start preparations for the all-important dinner on the day itself. Many families will be kept busy right up until the morning of the 25th. Younger children are likely to be very excited for the big day, and, here at ABC, we’ve produced a list of creative Christmas crafts.  These are suitable for children of various ages to keep their brains occupied over the festive period.


A traditional craft that’s sure to bring back a few memories of your own, paperchains will brighten up any area. Strips are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased from most stationery shops. Families with younger children may want to find pre-cut strips if they are a little too young to handle scissors. You can then leave children of all ages to it and challenge them to make the biggest chains of all.  It’s an activity that’s bound to keep them entertained for hours!

Tree Ornaments

As those with young children or pets can attest, glass decorations are not practical.  They are not likely to survive the festivities let alone be kept for the following year! Instead, invest in some plastic baubles which can be found in most craft stores and fill them with their favourite ribbons and materials. Children can mix and match with their favourite colours and designs, adding glitter and whatever else they see fit before proudly hanging them on the tree for everyone to enjoy.

Gingerbread House

For those who like to get creative in the kitchen, why not bake a gingerbread house? It is a fantastic activity that children of all ages will enjoy. There are plenty of recipes available online. Once the gingerbread has been cooked and cooled children can construct their own house. They can make doors and windows out of icing or chocolates and sweets. If there is any leftover dough then make them into trees for a garden. The assembly of the house might need some adult supervision. But, remember any broken walls will make for a fabulous snack or can be left by the fireplace for Father Christmas.

Make A Wreath

Wreaths are a fantastic outlet for creative flair and can be hung on as many doors as required – inside and out! Head for a wintry walk to gather the plants required for the wreaths, be it holly, twigs, pinecones, Christmas tree branches or anything else you fancy! Some craft shops will sell premade bases, so you only need to worry about the decorations which is ideal for children, or the more adventurous amongst us can try to create the shape of the wreath from scratch using vines.

Dress a Window

For a slightly larger project, why not give children free rein to create a festive window? This could be the first thing your visitors see upon arrival this Christmas. You can provide fairy lights, candles and any other décor items you can think of to help them make a start. Encourage them to create an imaginative, seasonal scene in whichever way they would like. Siblings can work together on the same window or create several different ‘window wonderlands’. 

Go Holly-picking

The colder weather makes it easy to curl up in front of the fire and watch a few Christmas films. But, everyone will feel so much better for a breath of fresh air. Head out to find some holly to decorate the mantelpiece with or search for any materials that could be used for other Christmas craft inspirations. Those with a real log fire can also head out in search of kindling or sticks that are perfect for marshmallow-toasting. It goes without saying that if we do get any snow before or during the Christmas period, drop all preparations and head out for a play in the white stuff. 


The Christmas holidays are a fantastic opportunity for children to learn new skills. Friends and family will appreciate the time and effort that’s gone into a homemade gift far more than something bought on the high street. Learning to knit or sew will teach children about problem-solving, logical-thinking and the importance of commitment. Plus, it is likely to keep them occupied for hours while they work hard on their creations. Don’t know how to knit? No worries! Let YouTube take the reins for this one while you focus on everything else that needs to be done before the big day.

We hope you enjoy our ideas for Christmas craft activities!  From all of us at ABC Day Nursery, we wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Stay up to date with all our Christmas activities on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Christmas Craft Activities