Communication and Language at ABC Day Nursery

We’ve focused on communication and language at ABC Day Nursery, this week.  The Investigators have been very excited as they went on a bear hunt for their activities!
We love to encourage imaginative language through sensory stories.  It is so important to support young children while they develop their vocabulary and use these new words within play.
ABC team member Emily wanted the children to learn and use new words from the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” She set up a beautiful tuff tray with a range of natural resources for the children to investigate and enjoy. 
She read them the story as they played to stimulate their imaginations.  The children learned and utilised new words and phrases from the book such as “swishy swashy”, “splash splosh” and “bear.”
They also used the resources to explore new textures, which they absolutely loved!  They commented on the things they felt, describing them as “‘spikey”, “squishy” and “cold.”
Some of the older children started using larger phrases to comment on the story saying “Cave is scary. Bear is inside.”
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Communication and Language at ABC Day Nursery