Communication and Language in Pre-school

We have focused on communication & language in Pre-school, with a special Christmas twist! 
The development rate between the ages of 3 and 4 years is magnificent! Most Pre-schoolers can tell simple stories and put words to emotions.  They are able to describe their play and use words as part of their play with others. Sentences are often longer and more complicated. However, pre-schoolers might still make grammatical mistakes. Every child’s rate of development is different, so be patient with your little one! 
The Inventors explored a Christmas box, finding different items to describe in their play with their friends. The Inventors used adjectives such as “spikey”, “rough”, “small” and “gold”. 
The children also started practising their use of more complex sentences such as: “The candy cane is red and green. I’ve not tasted one before”.
When children get older, they start to attempt to use compound sentences. But, sometimes , they might get the conjunctions in the wrong order. At home, continue to use a range of longer sentences with your pre-schooler to help them use complex sentences correctly. 
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Communication and Language in Pre-school