Encouraging Imagination at ABC Day Nursery

We love encouraging children’s imagination at ABC Day Nursery. Whether it’s at home or during their time at nursery, it is vital to encourage our child’s imagination. Not only does it allow their cognitive development to improve, but it is incredibly beneficial in increasing their social awareness.  Whilst their imagination allows them to think for themselves, it also provides children with an insight to emotions.  This means that they can begin to develop friendships and a greater understanding of the world around them.

Through play, your child has the opportunity to think freely, which encourages their imagination to blossom. Play can be as versatile as they like, with them placing themselves into different roles. This can teach your child to be empathetic about other’s situations, as well as developing different communication methods. Our children at ABC Day Nursery Exmouth love learning through role play.  Just take a look for yourself!  

Encouraging imagination through Art

Art is one of the most creative outlets due to its flexibility. From painting and drawing to creating collages and photography, there is sure to be a medium that will inspire your child. In their early years, developing their creativity is crucial. Having your child focus on their work improves their concentration and provides them with a different method of expression. The longer your child spends on art, the greater their ability will be.  This will give them a sense of accomplishment and pride, a fantastic feeling and an important step in their personal development.

Encouraging imagination Outdoors

Take your child out of the confines of their home and allow them to explore the great outdoors. Visiting a local park or garden is the perfect fuss-free playground, and allows their imagination to run wild whilst they invent different scenarios.  Keep your phone in your pocket and let your child choose the game that you play as you wander through the wilderness.  

Encouraging imagination through Reading

One of the easiest ways to nurture your child’s imagination is through storytelling. By introducing new characters into their world, it allows them to dream up new things, such as fairy-tale, fantasy creatures and new worlds. There are many different ways in which your child can get involved in reading. This summer, when restrictions allow, visit a bookshop where they can pick out a few that they might be interested in. Additionally, sit with one another and allow your own imagination to flow by creating a story to tell them.

Encouraging imagination through Music

Music is important to your child’s imagination.  When they’re older, music acts as a different method for them to express their emotions. From the sound of the mother’s heartbeat in the womb to using their cry to communicate with others, sound has a crucial role throughout their early years. There are plenty of benefits to incorporating music into your child’s learning. From focussing their concentration and improving their memory to relieving tension and facilitating a multisensory learning experience, the integration of music has proven to create a positive experience for them.

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Encouraging Imagination at ABC Day Nursery