Managing Feelings & Emotions

Do you find yourself trying to calm down your child’s big emotions on a daily basis? Are you trying to help your little one manage feelings & emotions? Helping our children manage how they feel is vital and an understanding about what they can do about their feelings is a necessity. At ABC Day Nursery, we speak about managing our feelings & emotions every day. Whether it’s a group time, story time, tuff trays or just comforting. If big emotions are a regular for your child, take a read to see what you can do at home to help.

Calm Down Ideas for Managing Our Feelings & Emotions

Children of all ages will go through a whirlwind of new emotions. They will experience frustration, sadness and anger which could lead them into feeling bad, and taking it out on those around them. There are many things you can do to help your child “calm down.”
Here are some ideas for you all to try:

  • Help them release some energy: dance, kick a ball around, yoga, jump around!
  • Listen to some calm music or sing a song with them.
  • Show your child how to find peace. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths together.
  • Draw a picture.
  • Talk about feelings.
  • Get your child a sensory prop. Fidget toys, materials, sensory bottles help.
  • Give them a cuddle and show them you care.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. Big emotions are common in little ones. Our job is to help them get through the frustration, not to add to it.

Helpful Phrases

One of the best things to do is to talk to your child calmly. There are many ways you can help bring your child’s frustration down, by talking to them in a warm manner. Here are some helpful phrases you can use when managing feelings and emotions.

  • “Let’s try that again.”
  • “Please use your words.”
  • “Can you think of a better way?”
  • “I can’t hear you when you’re not using your big voice.”
  • “We are kind, we don’t (hit, bite, throw toys etc)”
  • “Let’s take a deep breath.”
  • “I see you are feeling ….. (insert emotion)”
  • “How could we do this differently?”
  • “I’m proud of the way you …..(insert action)”
  • “You’re safe, I’m here for you”

Here at ABC Day Nursery, we help children regulate their emotions by ideas like these using helpful phrases like those. Try some at home to see if it helps. Fancy another read? Check out how the Investigators have been learning their colours! Also, check out Facebook and Instagram for other activities!