Planting Seeds

It’s a new month here at ABC Day Nursery and you know what new months mean. New themes! March means spring time so this month the Inventors are looking at the Outdoors. We want to help deepen children’s understanding of the world around them. This provides opportunities for experimentation, to help them explain why some things occur and to talk about how and why things change. There’s nothing better than the outdoors. All the plants, the trees and nature. Why don’t we plant some seeds of our own!

Sunflower seeds

We’ve been planting seeds! Last spring, the Inventors grew a huge sunflower. This year, it’s time for another one. In small groups, Emily told the children that Spring is the best time to plant seeds and we’re coming into spring now. She gave the children pots, soil, water and seeds and asked them what they might need to do to plant the seeds. The children said “we need soil!” and “some water on there” as they carefully took turns scooping the soil and placing it in their pots. Emily explained that we needed to make a little hole for the seeds to sit in. The children used their motor skills to print a hole in the soil. They all took a few seeds and placed them in their holes, adding more soil in hopes of a beautiful sunflower! 

Planting Seeds : An Investigation!

This experiment gave the children great insight on an understanding on how to set plants up to grow. To help the children develop a better understanding of the environments needed for the plant to nurture, we conducted a little experiment! We asked the children where they would like their sunflower seeds to grow. 4 of the children chose to keep theirs inside, and 6 chose for their plant to stay outside. We will evaluate the growth of these flowers in 25 days.
We will be constantly checking on the plants, watering them when needed in the lead up to our evaluation!

Stay tuned for a post on the results coming out at the end of this month! Fancy some tips on Managing Feelings and Emotions. Check out our post here.

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