Thanksgiving and Hanukkah at ABC Day Nursery

We have been celebrating Thanksgiving and Hanukkah at ABC Day Nursery.  It is important for our children to learn about festivities and important cultural events from different countries and cultures to their own.  We know it widens their understanding of the world around them. 

These celebrations also presented us with great opportunities to develop their knowledge of numbers and quantities.  We never miss a learning opportunity!


The Investigators did some shopping for Thanksgiving Day!  The aim of the activity was to encourage the children to participate in a group activity, learn to share and take turns.

We set an activity up by placing different fruit, vegetables and other groceries in the tray. Further to this, we supplied children with money they used to pay for food.

They enjoyed shopping using scales and money. They showed great understanding of quantity word combinations using numbers, like “ two apples”, “one banana”, “one potato”.  The children demonstrated their ability to share and take turns with handling the money and food items.  Well done, everyone!


We made some lanterns for Hanukkah! This activity aimed to encourage children to become confident with making their own choices.

They had lots of different coloured paper, pencils and pipe cleaners, different shaped scissors and glitter from which to choose. We encouraged the children to choose their favourite items from these options. They could decide whether or not to include glitter and which scissors they wanted to use to create different patterns.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and loved being able to choose things themselves all opting for glitter! They showed us how well they can share, waiting their turn to use glue, scissors and decorative items. Their lanterns looked fantastic!

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Thanksgiving and Hanukkah at ABC Day Nursery