A Day in the Life of…

From the moment a new child joins us at ABC Day Nursery they join a loving family.  We consider ourselves a home away from home, where children can make new friends, learn about the world around them and leave us happy, content and confident.

What will your child do with us after you drop them off?  Well, firstly you and your child will receive a warm and friendly welcome, making sure both feel  instantly at ease and comfortable.  We’ve got an exciting day ahead!

  • Before 8.30am: Drop off and breakfast to kick start the day, and give your child the energy they need to focus and get involved in our activities.

  • Once fuelled for the day, some morning activities to encourage children’s development through playing and exploring.  They learn to play with others, and be confident in their own abilities.
    Morning snack at approximately 10am.
  • Development opportunities through learning and play, perhaps on an Inventors trip to Exmouth beach and searching for shells and spotting different wildlife.

  • Lunch at around 12noon.

  • Perhaps the early afternoon will be spent in the Creative Room, testing out their senses and learning to work together to decide how a texture feels or smells.  This is an opportunity for them to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings

  • An all important afternoon snack at 2pm.

  • More group activities or perhaps some outside play, getting stuck in to a new adventure with their friends and investigating different objects and equipment to create their own art in the Curiosity Room.  They will talk about shapes and sizes of the materials and objects they handle.

  • 4pm is tea time!

  • Pick up time dependent on your booking, but rest assured that your child will spend the last part of their day with us reading, drawing and playing.

  • We work hard to make sure your child experiences an engaging and stimulating day.  Of course, the day is interspersed with naps, bottle feeding and nappy changing, according to your child’s needs.