Let’s explore the world around us! The children at Acorns Day Nursery in Exeter are so excited as we can now take nursery trips out. Last week, the Burrow children took a stroll to the park. Nursery outings can be so important in connecting children to the local area they live in; provide them with rich learning opportunities including interactive hands-on experiences and develop their curiosity, self confidence and imagination.

A Walk to the Park

We’re lucky enough to be a short walk away from Pinces Gardens! On a Spring sunny Friday afternoon, the Burrow got their sun cream on and strolled down to explore the beauty of Pinces. There was so much to explore in this valley of nature. They were fascinated by the flowers, greenery, tall trees and forestry pathways! If you’re a local, you’ll know the beautiful Wisteria Arch that blossoms every spring. The Burrowers took a walk under it and studied all the flowers that were starting to bloom.

Safety Procedures of Nursery Trips Out

In the Burrow, our ratio of children to staff is 1:3 but on a trip out we deduce it to 1:2. This means that one staff member is responsible for two children at a time but we will always stick in a small group and stay together. This gives the children freedom to explore in a safe environment with someone looking over them at all times.
The younger children will also all hold hands with a staff member, whilst having a safety harness attached to their hand.
There is a risk assessment and outing forms carried out by the room leader before every trip.
We take the safety of our children very seriously at Acorns Day Nursery and make sure every trip out is meticulously planned beforehand.

Are you looking for a nursery that accommodates nursery trips out? We are holding an open day for new children to join our Snug room in September 2022 (children must be a maximum of 13 months as of Sep 2022). Check our Facebook for more information. 

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