To help our youngest children understand the world around them, we’re helping them build confidence to explore different environments. We’re building confidence by exploring inside and outside!
Our Snug children are aged 11 months to 16 months. They are starting to find their feet and build self esteem. Being outside and exploring new things can be an incredibly stimulating and multi-sensory place to play. It can help children explore their senses, appreciate nature and build confidence.

Bringing outside inside and inside outside!

The Snug staff wanted the children to have the freedom to decide their play so they split into two groups. One group stayed inside exploring nature from outside and another group explored an outside role play dinner party (an activity they would typically do inside.)
All the children got to participate in both groups when they chose too.
Letting children have a say about decisions that affect them enables them to learn new skills, have fun and develop a closer connection to their community. It also gives children a sense of independence and encourages them to want to take part.
Even if you think your child is too young to make decisions of their own, let them have a say in small things during the day. 

Bringing nature inside

Marnie created a beautiful nature tuff tray and brought it inside. The tuff tray had flowers, bark, mud, rosemary, rocks, leaves, feathers and even a tiny snail she found! Bringing nature inside, encouraged some of the Snug children who were anxious to go outside to explore natural resources from the world around them. The children built confidence to explore things they may have never come across before. They explored different textures, scents and resources using their senses.

Bringing meal times outside

By helping children build confidence to explore outdoor resources, they were more inclined to explore outdoors. A little girl who started off quite anxious to head outside, indicated to head outside by pointing to her coat and shoes. The Snug have been practising their table manners and Jade set up a role play dinner party to encourage them to use spoons, serve food and sit nicely at the table. Whilst being outside, the children got to explore nature resources such as mud, bark and plants to make a nice nature soup! Yum!

Confidence in being outside has really developed in the children at Acorns Day Nursery! Check out our blog on the Burrow heading out to the park on a nursery trip.

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