Did you know that lamb is traditionally the food of Easter. Of all the Easter symbols, the Lamb is the most Christian and said to symbolise Jesus.
The Burrow have been exploring Easter lambs and sheep by investigating their natural habitats and their features. We’ve been teaching our Burrowers that baby sheep are called lambs and when they grow, they become woolly sheep! 

Cornflake Farm

“Old Macdonald had a farm” has definitely taught our Burrowers where sheep belong! The Burrow staff set up a beautiful farm set up with farm animals including Easter lambs and sheep.  The children were able to identify all the animals, and some of the older ones were able to label them. We used cornflakes to create the hay and it only took our Burrowers 2 minutes to realise before they were enjoying a taste! Chloe sat with the curious children and encouraged them to find the sheep and feed the animals, and not just feed themselves! The Burrow were explorative with their play and the farm allowed the children to get creative and lead their play independently. 

Cotton ball wool!

The Burrowers have been investigating the woolly sheep and using cotton wool balls to create their own. The children were fascinated with their creations and listened to Jo tell them all about how sheep have a big coat of wool whereas lambs only have a thin coat. Their coat grows more and more when they become sheep and then it gets sheared.
Some of the children even started covering the toy sheep in extra wool to keep them nice and warm!

We’re super excited for all our Spring and Easter Activities coming up this month! Keep an eye out for more.
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