Hi Easter! For most of you parents, the house is full of Easter eggs, your eldest is on their Easter break and the holiday is well and truly underway. Who’s looking forward to them going back?!
For a lot of our younger children in the Snug, this may be their first or second Easter and the excitement of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate is the best tradition about Easter! Ask our Preschoolers, the best thing about Easter are the Easter Treats! The Snug have been enjoying putting their cooking and motor skills to practise and making up some Easter Rocky Road.

Introducing Cooking and Baking

Letting children explore practising home life tasks helps them grow a sense of independence and sets them up for real life situations. The Snug have been practising some basic baking. Children can start practising easy baking skills such as mixing and pouring mixtures. With the right adult modelling and supervision, baking and cooking can be a task for children as young as 1 year old! Let’s get our chef hats on!

Rocky Road

The Snug have been using their motor skills to create some delicious Easter Treats, Rocky Road. After adult modelling and encouragement, they crushed up the biscuits using the rolling pins and poured their mixtures into the bowl. Some of the children resisted the temptation to eat the marshmallows (that’s an achievement in itself!) and filled their cups up. The Snug stirred the chocolate into the mixture to create a yummy Rocky Road treat… 

Tips for Baking with young children

  • Don’t let children bake without constant adult supervision
  • Start off easy. Keep it simple and achievable.
  • Explain whilst you bake. Tell children what you’re doing.
  • Wash dishes as you go to contain the mess.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and keep long hair back.
  • Wash hands!

Let children have their opinions on what you cook and how you cook it (to a certain degree!)

We’ve got some more fantastic Easter activities from our rooms coming up this month on Facebook and Instagram! Our Burrowers have been exploring the little lambs and sheep of Easter.  Check the post here!