We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the Easter season quite yet, so we thought we’d use it as an excuse to make maths fun! Our Preschoolers are still in the Easter spirit after countless Easter egg hunts, bank holiday weekends and the spring sunshine going strong!  We all know “carrots” are bunnies’ favourite food! They have smelt the carrots and come out to play… Pre school, over to you!

Recognising numbers, matching up the carrots!

Between the ages of 3-4, mathematical progression progresses a lot. Children of this age should be able to count and recognize numbers up to 20, use number names and understand numeral to quantity.
Florence set out an Easter tuff tray with numbered carrots and numbered egg cartons. She wanted to encourage the children to recognize their numbers and match the carrots to the numbers. The children took it in turns to find the right number and most of the children were super confident and successful at pairing them up.
Some of the children who weren’t so confident were given extra help as the staff put up the number in fingers to encourage the children to count them.

Basic Addition

The children were given a bowl and asked to find x amount of carrots to place in their bowl. They found the carrot and counted the correct number. Ruby gave the children the number they found, “4” for example and placed it down for them to see. Ruby asked the children for another number “5” for example, and asked them to put another 5 carrots in their bowl. The children learnt that if they firstly add 4 carrots and then add another 5, they would have 9 carrots and so 4+5=9!
Every child was very focused and eager to learn!

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