The Spring sunshine has come just at the right time! The children in the Hive have been super interested in nature and exploring the world around them, so we thought we’d step outside of nursery! Nursery outings can be so important in connecting children to the local area they live in; provide them with rich learning opportunities including interactive hands-on experiences and develop their curiosity, self confidence and imagination. It also gives them time to practice these skills alongside their peers and outside their comfort zone. Let’s see what we can find!

The Beauty of Nature

The beauty of Spring are the daisies in the ground and the blossoms falling off the trees. Pinces Gardens it was! We started off our adventures with our sticky bracelet fun! Tracey and Kim stuck double sided tape to cardboard bracelets. The staff encouraged the children to decorate the bracelet with all the things they could find. Daisies were picked, leaves were chosen, one bracelet was completely covered in grass and I’m sure another child attempted to stick a huge stick on his!
We let the children take risks and find their way! They chose to explore through forestry passages and tunnels of leaves and really get stuck into exploring the world around them.
There was even a tree with blossom leaves falling creating flower “snow” for the children to run around in giggling as they did! What a wonderful day.

What’s a park without a park?

Some of the children were so confident we were heading to the play park, they ran straight to the correct gate! Swinging on swings, sliding down slides, climbing up frames: the children got to move their bodies, take risks and develop their physical progression. They also got to have some great GREAT fun! Some of them just couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces (until we had to head back to nursery that is!)
We headed back and said hello to the elderly citizens playing bowls in Pinces. The children were very polite and proudly showed them their nature bracelets!
By the time we got back, drinks were needed, mouths were dribbling for lunch and the Hive slept like bunnies! What a lovely time we had.


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