Ask any current primary schooler their favourite part of school, how many of them do you think will say “school break times!” An important part of work and learning are breaks and getting active. School break times are important in breaking the day up. Giving children a rest from class times and time to be active, have fun and be social provides other rich learning opportunities.

Games games games!

Florence and a group of the Den children went outside to play some typical primary school independent games. We enjoyed hula hooping, bean bag toss, basketball and bean bag racing and balancing! The children challenged their competitive nature and got stuck into the active side of break times.
We also played some social games such as duck duck goose and stuck in the mud where the children got to play with some children they don’t normally play with. When children are able to interact and play with other children they can develop key social skills such as problem solving, resolving conflict, sharing, kindness and empathy.
This encouraged Evie and Dylan to find out they were both going to the same school which they didn’t know before, but were so pleased about!

*Whistle blow!*

Ahh yes, the sound of the whistle. The sound we all dreaded as children! An important part of routine and understanding boundaries is teaching children when it’s time to go back into the classroom. As Florence blew the whistle, the Den children lined up very well, time to go back inside. Watch out primary school, Acorns are more ready than ever!

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