September is soon approaching and there’s a big word on the lips of our Pre-schoolers… “SCHOOL!”
Excitement can be mixed with nerves and anxiety so let’s talk about worries.
No one likes to see their child upset, but the best way to deal with their problems isn’t to ignore them and focus on something else, but to tackle them and to help them deal with the issue. Afterall, the goal isn’t to eliminate worries, but to help your children manage them.

Don’t avoid their worries. When focusing on dealing with worries, make sure to respect their feelings, help them think things through and model good ways to deal with anxiety. Dealing with worries can be tricky, but we’ve got some tips on how to help!

The Worry Monsters

Giving children a place to store their worries is the best place to start. At Acorns Nursery in Exeter, our worry monsters have risen! The children have been feeding their worries to the monster and finding solutions with Ashleigh. Some of their worries about primary school were:

  • Evie was worried about “not knowing numbers” but Ashleigh told her that school and nursery are the places she will learn and master them.
  • Edie was worried about “not making any new friends” so Ashleigh reminded her how sociable she was and things she could talk to people about. Edie suggested her “new Taekwondo lessons!” – Talking about it, not showing it off I hope!
  • Jack and Oliver were worried about “leaving mummy and daddy” but Ash reminded them they could see them after school.
  • Tom was worried about “not being able to read books.” This is a very big goal for Tom! Ashleigh brought up Edward, his brother who can read very well, and reminded Tom he will learn in time just like his big brother did.
  • Celina was worried about “going to a different school to her friends” and Ash told her she could see her nursery friends outside of school and that she would make new ones too.

Dealing with Worries in the Worry Monsters

The staff are going to be doing many activities with the children to help them face their problems and deal with their worries.
Our first activity is to make our own worry monsters! The children focused so wonderfully, as they were painting for a purpose. They designed their own worry monsters and creatively interpreted as they wished. Ashleigh reminded the children that these worry monsters will eat up any worry the children may have!

Tips for you at Home

When talking about change and starting school, here are some things to consider:

  • Come up with a routine that will comfort your child that you will do before and after school.
  • TALK! Always talk about school and what they might do there.
  • Reach out to other parents whose children will be attending the same school. If your child goes to Acorns, contact the staff on Famly who will let you know.
  • Start a worry jar! (Place notes of your child’s worries in the jar like our worry monsters!)
  • Model calm energy.
  • Take visits to the school through the summer.
  • Practice home run school activities such as putting on PE kits or registration.
  • Check out this blog for more ideas on settling first day anxiety.

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