Acorns Day Nursery is spread across four base rooms and three lovely gardens, providing our children with plenty of opportunities for learning, play and developing their curiosity.

Our Rooms 

The Snug is home to our youngest little ones, from 0 to around 14 months. They make use of a large, spacious room which allows the children to sit, roll, crawl and walk freely. Different toys and sensory activities are available for the children so that they can access a range of experiences throughout the day. We have plenty of cosy cots and nests for the children in our sleep room for those all important naps. All children’s sleep patterns can be very varied and we work closely with parents to make sure these are adopted in the room. There are other quiet areas where the children can have a relaxing time, sharing stories/songs with their key person.

Our Burrow children are between the ages of 1 and 2, enjoy the freedom to explore two indoor areas. One is designed for messy and creative play and the other for more quiet time, complete with a comfortable area for role play fun and a cosy book area. The toddlers have their own little garden directly outside their room, where they like digging in our sensory garden and watching the vegetables growing! We just love encouraging their curiosity and imagination.

After the Burrow, our 2 year olds then move up (on a termly basis) to the Hive room, where a world of discovery awaits them. The Hive children enjoy a wide variety of sensory activities, including exploring shaving foam, spaghetti, table top painting, gloop and so much more. They are busy bees in the Hive! Every day, we support the children to develop their movement, balance and coordination through various activities which help both their gross and fine motor skills.

The last step of the Acorns journey for 3-4 year olds is in the Den, where we ensure our children are well-prepared for primary school. The Pre-school day is organised around children’s personal interests, developmental stages and the Early Years Foundation Stage. We believe children learn best through play, where they are given time and space to access the resources and activities they wish. Therefore our room for the Den children is divided into different areas: mark making area, a book corner, construction area, role play area and a messy area. There are comfortable areas for quiet time and rest. Each day, our Den children are encouraged to take part in group song time using our ‘song sack’ or in a group game using our ‘games sack’. Once a week we plan a music and dance session for the children, when we listen to music from around the world, play instruments and dance with materials and ribbons. Our Den children enjoy opportunities to enjoy our wider community. This includes trips to our local library, museum, shops, park and the quay. Outdoor activities are planned for each day including physical challenges, small group activities and gardening. There is so much to enjoy in the Den!

Play is important for all of our children’s development and we plan lots of Heuristic play sessions, allowing the children to explore natural resources such as wooden and metal objects. We provide plenty of opportunities to stimulate physical, social, emotional, intellectual and creative development…and we just love getting a little messy every so often. We even have our very own designated messy room: Motions and Potions!

Children are encouraged to learn excellent table manners and social skills at lunch time. Food is made on site by a dedicated qualified cook, using fresh ingredients. We love food at Acorns Day Nursery and aim to promote the health and well-being of the children and families by providing healthy, balanced and nutritious meals, snacks and drinks. Children have access to fresh drinking water at all times. Our menus regularly give children the chance to experience something new. We never pressure children, and understand that children need regular and repeated chances to taste new foods.

A Day in the Life of…

Our Acorns family is safe, loving and huge fun and we just love welcoming families to our community. We consider ourselves a home away from home, where children can make new friends, learn about the world around them and leave us happy, content and confident.

Acorns Day Nursery is a hive of activity and there is always something exciting happening. When your little one arrives with us in the morning, we make sure they receive a happy, warm welcome. We use the Famly app to share updates throughout the day with parents, including photos and videos. What will your child do with us after being dropped off? Here’s a flavour of what we enjoy doing at Acorns:

Before 8.30am:

Drop off and breakfast to kick start the day, and give your child the energy they need to focus and get involved in our activities.

Once fuelled for the day, some morning activities to encourage children’s development through playing and exploring. They learn to play with others, and be confident in their own abilities. Garden time is perfect for this.

Morning snack at approximately 10am.

Development opportunities through learning and play, perhaps a some craft, exploring paint, gloop or even rice pudding!

Lunch is 11.30am.

Depending on age. Meal times are sociable experiences, with children sitting in small groups with a staff member.

An all important afternoon snack at 2pm.

Perhaps the early afternoon will be spent exploring outside, testing out their senses and learning to work together to decide how a different texture feels or smells.

3.30pm is tea time!

Pick up time dependent on your booking, but rest assured that your child will spend the last part of their day with us enjoying stories, drawing and playing.

We work hard to make sure your child experiences an engaging and stimulating day. Of course, the day is interspersed with naps, bottle feeding and nappy changing, according to your child’s needs.

Learning and Development

At Acorns Day Nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. It is the statutory framework that sets the standards that all Early Years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe.

It promotes teaching and learning to ensure children are ready for school and gives children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life. Children develop quickly from birth to five years old, and it is vital to ensure they are given an excellent learning foundation.

You can read the full government guidelines via this website.

Further information can be read via this link.