Reasons to get Outside this Spring

The sun is starting to appear and the flowers are starting to bloom as we say hello Spring! As we start the Spring term at ABC Day Nursery, we will be heading outside whilst wishing the sun to get stronger and stronger! Have you got a garden at home? If so, get outside! If not, there are many great outdoor areas in Exmouth such as the beach, the Maer and many parks. Take a read of our short blog to see some reasons to get outside this spring and the benefits the outdoors has to offer.

The Benefits of the Outdoors

Being outside and letting children explore the world around them offers many benefits. They can explore the natural environment and take on different adventures whilst they do. Outside games can challenge children and test their physical limits, give them the opportunity to express themselves and build their self-confidence. 

The outdoors can also help children:

  • Sleep better at night from the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle by physical movement such as running.
  • Develop coordination by physical movement such as climbing.
  • Take risks!
  • Appreciate the world around them.
  • Learn about nature.
  • Build social skills.

And many more! These are just some of the benefits of the outdoors and reasons to get outside. Spring is coming, so there are plenty of things you can do to enjoy the season. 

Spring Ideas

Why not try:

  • Grow fruit, vegetables and plants!
  • Grab your wellies and splash in the mud.
  • Have an Easter egg hunt.
  • Go bird spotting.
  • Wake up early to watch the sunrise.
  • Wash the windows! Soapy fun and cleans the house!
  • Head to the Quay and feed the ducks! (Careful of the seagulls!)
  • Visit a pond and explore what life is in it.
  • Dig for earthworms.

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy the Spring Season. Get outside and have some fun. Why not share some of your wonderful spring ideas on Facebook and Instagram.

Our Pre-schoolers are all ready for the adventures of Spring. They’ve been planting seeds and making their own sunflowers. Check out the blog here. 

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