Exploring different textures is a wonder for a child’s senses. Exploring new and exciting things can be mysterious and a great way to learn.
Learning through touch and texture is also very important due to the fact that it strengthens a child’s motor skills. For instance, gripping, holding, squeezing, stacking, poking, pouring or scooping will help children strengthen the muscles in their body, and also helps them to develop stronger hand-eye coordination. Letting children explore things they may have not experienced before, can help them take risks and build confidence. It also helps them to be curious about the things around them and develop imagination in their play.

The Curiosity Corner

Zohra set out the curiosity corner for the children to lead their play with a range of natural resources:

  • Shiny objects – reflective tubes, sparkly materials.
  • Hard objects – rocks, logs, stones.
  • Rough objects – shells.
  • Squishy objects – sponges.
  • Fluffy objects – cotton balls, feathers.
  • Spiky objects – paint brushes, scrubbers.
  • Soft objects – blankets.
  • Prickly objects – spiked balls, pinecones.

There was so much for the children to explore the different feelings of. Zohra intentionally let the children explore by themselves and find objects independently. They felt the objects and described them saying “It’s soft” or “It’s prickly.” The children were aware of different feelings and were confidently able to communicate them.
The children were also able to identify different resources when asked to retrieve things based on their feelings. For example, when they were asked “Can you find me something fluffy?”, a child found the cotton balls.

The children were very curious about the different objects and explored play as they wished. They would use the feathers to tickle and throw over their friends, or the shells on the sand to make a “beach.”


I sense a new smell!

Developing their sense of touch is important but what happens when we mix another sense into the mix? Encouraging children to explore new things with the sense of smell can be a great way to encourage them to be curious and to try new things.
Zohra set out some rosemary, mint, coriander and thyme and encouraged the children to investigate them by smelling. The children were amazed by the different smells and took a liking to their favourites.

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