Spring daffodils are the most welcoming sign of Spring. They bloom yellow beauty everywhere and spark curiosity in our children! In Preschool, we have spent a lot of time exploring how plants grow and the conditions they need to grow during this Spring season. But what happens when they finally bloom? What beautiful creations do these seeds make? We’ve been looking at Spring Daffodils and interpreting them as we feel fit! 

Shades of Yellow

The children examined the beautiful yellow flowers as Jessica spoke to them about how daffodils bloom when the season changes to Spring. They spoke about the different parts of the daffodil such as the “green stem” and the “yellow petals.” They spoke about how they saw different shades of yellow on the petals. Jessica explained that this is what the seeds grow into once they bloom into the Spring season.

Interpretation and Daffodil Creation!

We encourage creativity and child led activities, so we decided to give the children options of paint, chalk and crayons to create their own interpretive art. The children were able to explore different materials freely and paint for a purpose. They all worked with such detail, studying the parts of the flower meticulously as they created their own. Some of the children drew big flowers and some drew a couple small ones. They were all so proud of their creations and we’re looking forward to putting some up on our art wall.

This month will be full of Spring activities to excite you and your children into the Easter month! Keep an eye out for more. Need some inspiration at home? Check out our blog on Easter Ideas to do with young children. 

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