As we creep into mid April, we welcome the joys of Easter! For most of you parents, the house is full of Easter eggs, your eldest is on their Easter break and the holiday is well and truly underway. For a lot of our younger children, The Ladybirds, this may be their first or second Easter! We want to introduce them to the themes of this holiday and get them excited by introducing Easter. Let’s hop straight to it!

Easter Tuff Trays

Exploring different textures to experiment with different senses is a great way to get them excited. Kira set out a wonderful Easter Tuff Tray with resources such as silicone bunnies and carrots, soft foam and hard eggs and rubber ducks and coloured tissue paper. A wonder for their senses! As they explored some new and exciting materials, the staff spoke to them about the themes of Easter such as “The Easter bunny brings Easter eggs!”

Introducing Easter through Child Led Play

Child led play is a very important part of our practice. Child led play allows the children to take control of their play and exploration. The Ladybirds were encouraged to take risks by exploring textures they may not have experienced before.
After some confidence boosting by the risks paying off, the children led the play in all manner of ways!
Some of our Explorers bounced the hopping bunnies, some of them picked up the eggs and placed them in a pot to start their own egg hunt and some children even put the carrots in the 3d eggs.
The children stayed curious throughout the activity and got to explore different parts of Easter wonderfully. The Ladybirds will be exploring more Easter activities such as making Easter biscuits, bunny bunting and paint pouring from eggs.

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We’ve got some more fantastic Easter activities from our rooms coming up this month on  Facebook and Instagram, so stay tuned.