Have you ever seen a 2 year old find an insect? They don’t scare easily! Children of young ages are fascinated about the world around them, especially things they don’t see very often! Our Cubs are constantly on the hunt for Spring Bugs! Watching crawling spiders, laughing at butterflies in the sky and watching worms come out from the mud! They are in awe with the world around them, especially in the Spring season!

Cub Bug Hotel

Charlotte set out a wonderful bug hotel for our Cubs to explore the attributes of bugs. The hotel had spiders hanging from string so they could learn that spiders make webs. Caterpillars next to butterflies so they could learn that caterpillars turn into butterflies. Bees on top of flowers and grasshoppers in the grass.  “Spider on the web!” and “Caterpillar to butterfly!” were some of the phrases they spoke about as they played curiously. 

Bug Painting

Charlotte wanted the children to investigate the different patterns the bugs made and did some painting to make their tracks! Yellow spider legs were made and blue butterfly wings were created! The children were very fascinated and spoke about all the spring bugs they were using.

We had a fantastic Easter here at Tic Tocs. Our Ladybirds have been exploring this wonderful tuff tray to learn all about the themes of Easter. Check it out here!

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