Curious play with natural resources opens the mind up to rich learning opportunities and encourages children to develop an interest in the world around them.
At Tic Tocs Day Nursery in Exeter, we provide open ended activities to help our children develop these skills and have fun whilst doing so!
To create inspiring activities, we involve the beauty of nature. We take on the Curiosity Approach by playing with things that nature provides. Being outdoors and exploring nature helps children to encourage creativity, imagination and wonder.

Flowers in the Spring Sunshine

Kirstie set up a wonderful flower tuff tray in the beauty of the spring sunshine. The tray had real flowers surrounded with role play insects. The children got to learn all about the different bugs in our nature.
Their senses were explored! They felt the cold ice melt in the sun, they smelt the beautiful flowers and even attempted to taste.. Well.. all of it!!
The tray was wonderful and kept the children interested for the whole of garden time.

Child Led Play

Child led play is a very important part of our practice. Letting children decide their own play allows the children to take control of their play and exploration.
Kirstie encouraged the children to explore the tuff tray how they wanted too. Whether that was placing the flowers in the hair of the staff, feeling the melting of the ice in the sun or picking petals off the flowers!

Our Cubs have been leading their play and being curious about the world around them! Especially with bugs… Check out the blog here.

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