When do I know if my child is ready for potty training? What can I do to help my child’s journey with potty training? How do I deal with them having an accident? If these questions are on your mind – take a read of our tips for potty training your toddler at Tic Tocs Day Nursery!
You may see your child copying their older sibling or telling you they’ve “done a wee!”
When you see these signs, they might be ready to start potty training. Indications to look out for are:

  • They let you know when they are taking a wee/poo.
  • They hide in the room to wee/poo.
  • When they take an interest in other children using the potty and copy their behaviour.
  • If they have a dry nappy after nap times or for a long period of time.
  • They start asking to use the potty!
  • When they pull at a wet nappy.

Potty Training Tips

When the potty training journey starts, the most important thing to remember is to have patience. Like most things, different children learn at different paces.
There are many important things we can do as adults to make potty training easier for our children. Some things to remember are:

  • Choose a good time to start training where you can put in the time and effort.
  • Let children choose their own colour potty and exciting pants. Independence of picking their own can encourage independence to use correctly.
  • Balance between reminding and letting them set their own pace. 
  • You can even start early and ask them if they would like to sit on the potty when you’re changing their nappies.
  • Display the potty (and lots of them!) in convenient and visible spots.
  • Dress children in easy clothing (and remember to have lots of it!)
  • 5-10 minutes on the potty is enough. If they are there too long, they could lose interest. 
  • ALWAYS use encouragement and appraisal even if they aren’t successful. When children are willing to sit on the potty, this is a big step as it is!
  • Sticker charts can be a great way to reward children for using the potty.

Don’t forget to always wash hands afterwards!

Accidents help learning!

The most scary thing about potty training, for us as adults and for children, are the accidents. The key thing to remember is accidents are normal and are vital in their development.
When dealing with accidents here are some things to remember:

  • Stay calm. The last thing your toddler needs is you getting upset with them.
  • Remember that they’ve been in nappies their whole lives until this point so when they need to wee/poo, the potty won’t be their first thought!
  • Show them the potty after their accident and remind them what it’s for.
  • Read books on Potty Training!

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