Big things are coming for our Tic Toc Pre-schoolers… the transition from nursery to primary school!  Throughout June at Tic Tocs Day Nursery in Exeter, we will be focusing on getting your Pre-schooler primary school ready. It’s so important to constantly talk about school during the build up to settle any worries and to turn them into excitement.. And wow, our pre-schoolers are EXCITED!

The new UNIFORM!

For the first few months of primary school, the new uniform is exciting. (Until they realise wearing your own clothes is way cooler!) So let’s have a dress rehearsal shall we Preschool? In a small group, the Pre-schoolers took it in turns to dress up, building apprehension and excitement for primary school. They took it in turns to try on shirts; sticking their tongues out as they attempted the buttons and putting on trousers that were slightly too big! “We will grow into them!” Wilfred correctly noticed.
Independence to self dress is so important in getting school ready.

Here are some tips on how you can encourage your pre-schooler to master it:

  • Let them try, every time! Even if they don’t succeed, practice makes perfect. Try to avoid correcting straight away.
  • Build a good morning routine when getting ready for school.
  • Have a “dress up” station.
  • Encourage them to pick their own clothes when they are not in uniform.
  • Let them practice buttons/zips on other items of clothing.
  • Give your child plenty of time to dress.
  • Start simple and build up!

Primary School Changes

During dress up, we spoke about the changes the Inventors might endure when heading to primary school. The different rooms they will be in, different teachers they will have, the different friends they will make and the different routines they will have. These changes can be nerve racking for children, so talking about them every day will help get them ready.
Our job is to build excitement, tell them about the new friends they will make, new things they will learn and the positive change they will go through on their primary school journey.
The children were so excited about “meeting the teachers!” and “learning to read” and even started pretending to be the teachers reading different books to their friends! Amazing.

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