.June is primary school month! New schools means new routines, new activities and NEW friends! Making new friends can be scary at first so let’s make it easier! We’ve been helping our Tic Tocs pre-schoolers build social skills so making new friends is a walk in the park.
We all love a good board game right? What’s better (or worse) than a long game of Monopoly to bring the family together (or apart!) So let’s get the mini games out Preschool!
When children are able to interact and play with other children they can develop key social skills such as problem solving, resolving conflict, sharing, kindness and empathy.


The first game the children played was a competitive game of BINGO in which they had to cross off the animals or numbers on their board as they came up. The children played with friends they don’t tend to play with often which helped build their confidence around new people.
The animal bingo helped some of our more shy children speak up and have a giggle making loud MOOO’s and funny BAAA’s!
The number bingo was also really beneficial for the children’s maths skills helping them with things such as counting, recognizing numbers and number sequences. Our little mathematicians were super excited to share all the numbers they could remember and recognize with one another, feeling proud as they did.

Snakes and Ladders

Down the snake and up the ladder, the next game was up and down all over the place! They took turns rolling the dice and moving their button on the landed number. Another great game to help maths skills such as adding and counting but more importantly, to develop important social skills.
Taking turns as they played, the children were determined to reach number 30 but some snakes got in their way! They sure had to problem solve a lot to get there.
One of the children was amazing at helping his friends with big numbers. He had a lot of determination to win. When his friend reached the finish line before he did, his eyes watered with disappointment. Ellie and Ruby explained that sometimes not winning can be sad but that we should be happy for our friends and happy that we took part as it was a lot of fun. The child really understood this and wiped his tears giving his friend a smile and continued playing till he reached the end and came second.

It’s ok to loose!

At Tic Tocs Day Nursery in Exeter, we are not afraid to teach children the important lesson of not coming first. A great social skill for them to learn. In life, we don’t always succeed at the interview for the job we really wanted. Sometimes we don’t always get the perfect partner we’ve had our eyes on. Letting children learn and understand that we can’t always win and that failure only brings us closer to success is so important to help them deal with disappointment later in life.

Primary school is near and the children are so excited. Have a read of our blog here to see just how much!
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