Our Cubs have been walking, roaring and talking through the jungle enjoying their current favourite story, “Walking through the Jungle.” Our toddlers soak up language like a sponge and role playing sensory stories is such an exciting way to get them to use the words they’ve learnt or are learning. Sensory stories allow language and sensory play to work hand in hand to allow children to recognise and understand new words and attach it to the stimuli. So take a walk and listen to them talk in this TALKING Through the Jungle sensory story tuff tray.

A tuff tray of imagination

Zohra set up the most exciting tuff tray of imagination with crocodiles in swamps, monkeys in the jungle, sharks in the sea and camels in the sand. By linking each habitat to the animal like the story, children are able to differentiate and understand what the animals are, where they live and are more likely to start communicating and playing with them.
And that they did! “Where’s the monkey?!” the children giggled as that silly monkey swinging around the trees hiding behind their backs. The roleplay also helped them use verbs such as “jumping monkey” and “hiding elephant”.
The power of role play opens children’s imagination, helping stimulate their recognition and understanding of themed words such as animal names.

Encouraging communication and language skills

At Tic Tocs Day Nursery in Exeter, encouraging communication and language skills in children is vital. In the Cubs we have been using jolly phonics to help the children understand letters and sounds, word flash cards & story sacs for new words and BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! Here are some ways you can develop your toddler’s vocabulary:

  • Never stop talking. Label everything you do!
  • Focus on their interests. Children will learn when they are interested so conduct play they enjoy. 
  • Sing and rhyme.
  • Ask open ended questions.
  • Use descriptive language.

For our Pre-schoolers, primary school is nearly here. Check out our blog on dealing with any worries they may have.
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