Letting children practise the basics of home life tasks helps them grow a sense of independence and sets them up for real life situations in their future. It can also help them develop their motor skills and hand to eye coordination. In the Ladybirds, we’ve been practising easy early cooking skills! With the right adult modelling and supervision, baking and cooking can be a task for children as young as 1 year old! Let’s get our chef hats on!

Pizza time!

We’re starting off our early cooking skills with something easy. Pizza time! The Ladybirds gained an understanding of their likes and dislikes by choosing things such as “cheese” “sweetcorn” and “pepper” (which some of the older ones could say!)
The Ladybirds took turns choosing and nibbling on the toppings of their choice. Through independence and giving children a chance to make their own choices, they were also able to try new things. A nibble on a red onion caused quite the squished face!

Staying Safe whilst Cooking with Children

We’ve been doing some easy cooking skills and will progressively introduce more challenges with the Ladybirds. Why not do the same at home?!
Check out these tips to stay safe in the kitchen:

  • Don’t let children cook without constant adult supervision
  • Start off easy. Keep it simple and achievable.
  • Explain whilst you cook. Tell children what you’re doing.
  • Wash dishes as you go to contain the mess.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and keep long hair back.
  • Wash hands!

Let children have their opinions on what you cook and how you cook it (to a certain degree!)

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