Cooking with Pre-schoolers

Children from all ages can help in the kitchen! As they grow in age, their responsibilities should become more challenging. With our new healthy eating policy and yummy new menus at Tic Tocs

Early Cooking Skills

Letting children practise the basics of home life tasks helps them grow a sense of independence and sets them up for real life situations in their future. It can also help them develop

TALKING Through the Jungle

Our Cubs have been walking, roaring and talking through the jungle enjoying their current favourite story, “Walking through the Jungle.” Our toddlers soak up language like a sponge and role playing sensory stories

Dealing with Worries

September is soon approaching and there’s a big word on the lips of our Preschoolers… “SCHOOL!” Excitement can be mixed with nerves and anxiety so let’s talk about worries. No one likes to

Summer with the Family

The great British temperamental sun is here and believe it or not, we’re in summer! Summer with the family can be a chance for bonding and making memories and at Tic Tocs Day

Primary School Independence

We all want independent children right? Especially during those all important months leading up to primary school, sending them on their first day able to dress themself, walk in with confidence and do

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