Textures and Senses

Exploring different textures is a wonder for a child’s senses. Exploring new and exciting things can be mysterious and a great way to learn. Learning through touch and texture is also very important

Easter Ideas with Young Children

Hello April! It’s officially chocolate eggs and bunny season and even the spring sunshine has made an appearance. With the weather looking up, here at Tic Tocs Day Nursery, we’ve put together some

Planting Flowers

Spring is here at Tic Tocs Day Nursery and we’re getting our plant on! A sunflower here, a tomato plant there! March means spring time and we want to help deepen children’s understanding

Cooking with Children

Letting children explore practising home life tasks helps them grow a sense of independence and sets them up for real life situations. In the Cubs, we’ve been practising meal times exploring the skills

Self Dressing

Remember our blog on encouraging self dressing in our youngest children? All that practice makes perfect! Our Preschoolers are now experts at self dressing. They can put their own coats on using our

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