At Tic Tocs Day Nursery, we know how important it is to keep parents informed about their child’s successes and learning tasks. As well as face to face conversations, we use a digital platform called Famly.

Famly is the nurseries management system that simplifies administration and improves collaboration between the nursery and families. As a parent you can log into Famly and update your child’s profile and book holidays. The system has a news feed, calendar and message system similar to facebook making it easy to share information. Every child has a profile, which is shared with parents; it is safe and secure, with parents only able to see their own child’s progress and activities.

Famly has a sign in app that parents sign their children into nursery in the morning and sign out when they leave.

Furthermore, we use Famly for sharing children’s observation and development. This means that you will be notified when an observation has happened and can view it on your child’s profile page. Parents are also able to add in their observations from home. We love to celebrate your child’s achievements and Famly is a great way to showcase them.

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    Our Facebook and Instagram pages share news and events with our families.

  • Annual Parent Survey

    Each year we send out a parent survey. Parents/carers are encouraged to share their feedback on topics relevant to the nursery and provide suggestions for improvement.

  • Parent Learning and Development Evenings

    (not currently held, in line with current government coronavirus-related guidelines)

    We hold two parents evenings each year where you can come and have a talk with your child’s key person about how they are getting on. In between these times parents are provided with fortnightly ‘child-focus’ observations which come to you via Famly. These provide an insight into what your child has done during the day linked to the learning and some ideas for home. Parents are encouraged to contact us on the Famly messenger at any time to keep us updated about their children.


We think our nursery is one of the best in Exeter, providing a safe environment for children to be themselves and grow.

But do not take our word for it; here is what our current parents think:

“We have been using Tic Tocs for childcare for our children for over 6 years.  We have no immediate family available to help out and Tic Tocs has become our extended family.  Both of our sons started just before they turned one and they absolutely love it.  The staff and management are warm, friendly, knowledgeable and take a personal interest in all the children.  They have helped our sons through huge milestones, such as learning to walk, developing speech and potty training. The team did a fantastic job preparing my eldest for school and he was raring to go when the time came.

My 3 year old missed Tic Tocs terribly during the Coronavirus restrictions but the team posted regular updates, activities and kept in touch whilst the nursery was closed.  The communication  and sharing of policies in preparation for its reopening were informative and reassuring. I have been very pleased with the measures put in place that allowed my son to return in a safe and appropriate manner and he is loving every minute since he has been back.”

“Under some of the most uncertain and scary circumstances, I felt as though the staff really cared – not just about my child, but about me as well. The nursery was incredibly supportive and remained in regular contact throughout the covid crisis, despite the fact that my child was unable to attend. Since my child has returned to Pre-school, the staff have worked really hard with me to ensure the transition was as straightforward as possible. My daughter comes out at the end of each day absolutely buzzing with excitement about her time at the Pre-school. She adores each and every member of staff and I know she will really miss them when she moves up to school in September. I am so grateful to them for everything they have done for me and my daughter. It’s such a positive environment and the staff are always smiling and upbeat.”
“Our son (now 15 months old) was due to start at Tic Tocs in March [2020], but ended up starting as the COVID-19 lockdown started to ease. I was so nervous about drop offs at the door etc, and must have changed our plans a dozen times. The team was so accommodating of our requests, and settling our son in gradually. He’s been there for just over a month now and honestly seems to love it there; we’ve even had a few morning drop offs with no tears!!

The team is so good with him, have got to know his quirks really quickly, and encouraged him to try things we just can’t do at home. The regular updates during the day and each week are fab, and the focused observations are so useful. I am so pleased with our choice and can’t wait to go through the next few years with Tic Tocs. Would happily recommend this nursery to anyone.”


“I was nervous about putting my girls back in nursery following lockdown.  We’d taken them out for 3 months, but, when they returned, the nursery was incredible.  [The team reassured] us constantly through Famly with regular updates, keeping us informed of the measures being put in place and the girls have loved being back. All the staff are so friendly and loving, showering the girls with cuddles and normality, which is exactly what they need right now.”

“My son has attended Tic Tocs since 2017 when he was 7 months old, initially as a new parent going back to work and still breastfeeding at the time, I had my reservations but almost immediately, as soon as I was welcome on a taster session, the staff made me feel so much more at ease. They were focused on learning all about my son and me, how we developed so far, keen interests, settling routines, appetite, learning outcomes and how we can work together to get the most out of my son’s journey.

Tic Tocs is honestly hand on heart the best place for children to attend, the staff are so welcoming, friendly, interested in you, literally love all of the children they look after, have that emotional connection and mostly keep children safe and happy.”


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